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About Us

For Victoria, every cake starts off by Whisking together ingredients, then Baking them to perfection, and throughout the process putting all her Love into each design as the final touch. Victoria started making cakes for her family over 20 years ago. She’s always had a passion to not just make cakes, but to make everyone feel special by creating a moment to remember. Her 3 boys have kept her busy over the past few years but as they grew older, so did the demands for bigger and more intricate cakes. You can say her boys have helped her develop her passion for the pursuit of perfection. Victoria truly believes that Everyone at least for one day should feel valued and special.

Here at Whisk Bake Love we specialize in creating One of a kind Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies and now Vanilla Extract. Our passion is creating custom designs that are pleasing to your eyes and make your taste buds sing for joy.



Custom Cookies

Need More!!!

Love...Love...Love adding this to my oatmeal in the morning. I find myself finding recipes that call for vanilla extract.


Awesome Flavor

" I made fresh whipped cream with the WBL extract and I could not help but to eat it by the spoonful"

Sigg B.

Next level French Toast

"I added a teaspoon and a half of WBL extract into the egg mixture of my French toast and boy did it make a difference"

Suzanne D.

Hands Down Better

"I switched from name brand vanilla extract to WBL Extract and there is no comparison. WBL hands down tastes better"

Sam S.